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New Year's Resolution - Chapter 01 - Weight Loss and Nutrition

Posted by Dani Livsie on Feb 7, 2012 2:26:00 PM

Healthy Eating and Exercise







Losing weight is the most obvious top New Year’s resolution. That is a great resolution, but do you have a plan to lose weight?

Have you worked with someone to create a healthy diet plan or are you just winging it? It is important lose weight to stay healthy, but you have to have the proper nutritional balance. 

The first thing you should do before starting any new nutrition program is to meet with your family doctor to find your ideal goal weight. You can find your Body Mass Index or BMI by going to: calculator?WT.mc_id=Paid_Search_Brands_YPT_Yoplait_Divisional&WT.srch=1

General BMI Guidelines

18.5 to 24.9: Normal Weight
25 to 29.9: Overweight
30 and above: Obese

Exercise and Nutrition







Because your daily nutritional composition may change you may have to add supplements or additional food group items. They can also let you know what sort of exercises would be healthy for you to incorporate as part of you physical exercise program and refer you to a physical therapist or exercised therapy.

In response to rising obesity rates, the United States Department of Agriculture introduced on April 19, 2005 a revised food guide pyramid called "MyPyramid." The new guide, which replaces the “old” pyramid ...

USDA Food Guide







Most nutritionists say “Don’t go overboard and deprive yourself of anything or everything. Be reasonable. A small piece of wedding cake or birthday cake is not what is going to get you. It’s an ongoing lifestyle change that will make the difference. Eat lean protein, whole grains and nuts, eat small healthy meals at regular, short intervals. Get moderate exercise, diet and, rest, and your body will thank you for it.

Have a happy and healthy 2012 from SWOPT and call if you have any questions (505)292-3317.


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