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SWOPT Patient Success Story- Back Pain

Posted by Dani Livsie on Dec 9, 2011 8:00:00 AM

SWOPTToday we feature a patient success story. Barbara came to SWOPT recently and has allowed us to use her story as an example of what can be gained by attending physical therapy. It is thanks to her and all our patients that we can call ourselves a successful physical therapy clinic. Helping people heal is what we love to do and we are happy to share her story of healing.

Barbara sustained an injury and it cause some back pain. She recalls that when she first arrived for therapy, she was in tears. Barbara continued to come in even though her pain was great and fully committed to her physical therapy. Physical therapy helped her heal by increasing her mobility and has relieved some of her pain. She describes her experience with physical therapy as a “totally happy experience” a lot of this she credits to the staff that helped her heal. She says that the staff is very caring and that they all shared personal experiences with her to help motivate her. When asked what is the one thing you have learned from your time at SWOPT, Barbara simply says “This is where you come for a whole new you”.

Patients like Barbara inspire the staff at SWOPT to continue doing what they do everyday. Seeing the results of hard work and dedication can be an inspiration for many. If you feel like you are a SWOPT success story, write a comment below or e-mail to share your story with others.

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