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Success with Dieting & Nutrition

Posted by Dani Livsie on Oct 26, 2011 9:35:00 AM

Healthy foods"Healthy living is a possible lifestyle for anyone, young, old, big, small, dog, cat... it's possible for anyone or anything!!! It all starts with one choice, and that is to actually get started. With enough commitment , effort, and consistency, your goals will start turning into accomplishments.

Myself, as well as several friends of mine have had the most success in dieting when increasing the number of meals we eat and lowering the actual portion size. Start with a good breakfast that includes a balance of Simple and Complex Carbohydrates for some energy. I recommend some granola or whole grain cereal with some fruit and plan on eating again in several hours.

If you don't always have time to make 6-7 small meals a day you can try making three and have 2-3 “Smoothies”. These smoothies should generally have slightly more good, natural carbohydrates than protein. Do some research on-line if you can before you decide to buy. I recommend:

Drink your shakes in between your “regular meals”, and try different shakes from time to time, and make sure to always do some research first. Start by sticking to your new diet just Monday through Friday and eat whatever you want on the weekends. With enough consistency you will start seeing results, and wanting to eat healthy all the time. Good luck and remember, it only takes one little choice to start...

P.S. Please refer back to our blog for more motivating tips, tricks, and more, and don't forget to tell your friends!!!"

This article was written by SWOPT employee Erik. If you have questions for Erik leave them in the comments below

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