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Improve your health without leaving your desk

Posted by Dani Livsie on May 23, 2011 8:01:00 AM

bora boraImagine are on a beach with the sun shining down on you. You can feel the warmth of the rays and you can smell the salt water. You lay on the sand and close your eyes. You can hear the sounds of the waves as they crash onto the shore. You can feel a warm light breeze and can feel the warmth of the sand coming from below your body. Take a few deep breaths and feel the senses that are taking over your entire body. You feel your body relax and a sense of calm and peace wash over yourself as you enjoy all the beauty a perfect beach day has to offer.

Now imagine this, you can feel this way and have that sense of peace all while you are at work. That's right, you can have your very own vacation all at your workstation. The very popular trend of meditation is being seen more and more at workplaces every day. Taking time out to relax and recenter yourself is very important to live a happier and healthier life. With the economy being the way it is, more people find themselves at a much higher level stress level than in times of better stability. Taking full advantage of relaxation techniques and taking breaks during the workday is becoming more important for better health.

It is quite simple to take a little time for yourself and even just a few minutes can make a huge difference. Take the time to breathe deeply and just relax your body to avoid over stress, emotional distress, and even injury. Taking a quick break can make you more focused and ready to conquer the rest of your day. So, the next time that you are on your lunch break or have a few minutes to center yourself, take a vacation. You will feel refreshed and rejuvinated but without the risk of sunburn!sunset

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