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In-home physical therapy vs. out-patient physical therapy

Posted by Leslie Boone on Mar 16, 2011 9:15:00 AM

Out Patient Physical TherapyWhen considering therapy after surgery or injury, or healing from aches and pains, one can choose between in-home physical therapy and out-patient physical therapy.

Each choice will provide the individual with the healing services they need, but it is important to know which one is right for you and your individual situation.

In-home physical therapy provides rehabilitation in the comfort and convience of your own home. A physical therapist will come into your home and provide you with one-on-one care. Therapy will focus on strengthening and recovery. The therapist will also make sure that you are able to move more independently and safely in and around your home. In-home physical therapy is a good option for therapy if you:

  • are home-bound, meaning you do not drive or have a means of transportation.
  • required moderate amount of assistance in order to leave home.
  • struggle to leave home and get tired easily
  • are unsafe on your feet and feel unsafe in crowded areas

Out-patient physical therapy provides higher level rehabilitation in a gym type setting. The physical therapist designs an individualized exercise program based on your evaluated weaknesses and needs. Out-patient physical therapy is a good option for therapy if you:

  • are able to leave your home and are some-what independent
  • are able to function safely in larger crowds
  • require rehab that is more advanced and need more specialized equipment

Whether you need in-home or out-patient physical therapy, Southwest Orthopaedic Physical Therarpy can help. If you think you need physical therapy or your doctor has prescribed physical therapy and you are unsure if in-home or out-patient therapy would best fit your needs, please call us and we would be happy to help you make the best decision.

Click below to print out a physical therapy prescripition to take to your next doctor appointment.

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