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My Physical Therapist gives me "The new walker blues,"

Posted by Pat O'Hea on Feb 3, 2011 10:46:00 AM

pat w walker knee  physicalMy physical therapist came into my room today and and said she brought me a present. "A present for me? Oh you shouldn't have". I was curious about what the present might be. But judging from the cheshire smile on her face I can only imagine. She then reached around the corner and brought "the present" into the room.

"A Walker? Are you kidding me? I am too young for a walker". She assured me that it would only be for a short time. I would only need to use it until my new knees were stong and stable enough to support me walking around without it.

Your Dr wants you to use this for 6 weeks after your surgery. " Oh my gosh!" I said, "Are you kidding me?". She said "Sorry honey, but you better get use to it because it's going to be your legs for awhile". Wow! A walker at my age? I mean I am only 50 something (I forget). I can't imagine the grief my teenage boys are going to give me.

My therapist had me stand up to use it and adjust the height. "OWWWW!!" I am reminded for about the hundredth time that knee surgery is painful. I don't mean ouch I just hit my thumb with a hammer pain, but the kind of pain that brings you to your knees (pun intended).

Stay tuned for the next episode of "Pat's Amazing Jour-Knee" - Physical Therapy and the Wimpy kid

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